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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Starting again, or is that restarting? Let me start again ..

I realised earlier this year that I'd gotten lost. When I started my career in technology it was with the intent of using it to support my lifestyle and my hobbies. Over the new year period it occurred to me that I was no longer actually doing anything of my hobbies and that my life had been re-arranged to support my career.

There's nothing particularly wrong with my career, it has had its own rewards. I've met and worked with some great people and I've picked up a bunch of valuable skill. I've worked in network operations, management system architecture and design, telecommunications research and software development; all interesting enough stuff, but at the end of the day whatever creativity I'd mustered was directed toward furthering the objectives of my employer and I was getting very little personal reward out of it.

So I decided to re-focus some of my energy back into what has always motivated me .. my curiosity for how things work and the fun of creating stuff. I'm hoping that with a combination of my accumulated experience and a sense of humour I'll get back in touch with my past and maybe even finish some of those projects I've been lugging around now for two decades.